Inrupt Enterprise Solid Server#

The Inrupt Enterprise Solid Server (ESS) is a Solid Pod Server. Its microservices architecture enables simple scaling, high performance, and support for highly available deployment configurations.

ESS 2.2 Released

For features available in ESS 2.2, see Release Notes.

Getting Started#

To get started, see the following sections in the manual:


Introduction to ESS.


Installations instructions for ESS deployments.

ESS Services

An overview of the ESS services.


An overview of the security.


Reference for various administration tasks, such as backup and restore, scaling, etc.

Issues & Help#

Product Feedback/Questions

To provide product feedback or ask questions about the product, please file a ticket via the Inrupt Support Center.

Commercial Support

Inrupt also offers up to 24/7 support for operators and developers with a commercial license for ESS.

See Inrupt Support Center.

Documentation Bugs/Requests

To report a documentation bug or make a documentation request, please use the Provide feedback widget (in the lower-right corner) to create a DOCS ticket.