Scale a Deployment Using Replicas#

You can update a deployment to change the number of replicas as shown below.

Example Customization#

Adding more Pod provisioning helps with resiliency. The following example file sets the number of replicas for ess-pod-provision deployment to 2.

  1. Go to your ESS installation directory:

    cd ${HOME}/ess
  2. Modify the kustomization.yaml (i.e., step 3 of the Applying Your Customizations procedure).

    Specifically, add the highlighted content to the kustomization.yaml file under the replicas key:


    If replicas key does not exist in kustomization.yaml, add the key replicas as well.

    # kustomization.yaml in your ESS installation directory
    # ...  Preceding content omitted for brevity 
    # ...
    - name: ess-pod-provision
      count: 2
  3. Continue with the rest of the Applying Your Customizations procedure.