Start Service#

New in version 2.0.

ESS provides a service that acts as the starting point for the ESS user interface.

Start Service Endpoint#

ESS Start Service hosts an application that runs at:

https://start.<ESS Domain>

The start application allows a user to sign up or login with the Identity Provider. As part of this flow, the application provisions the user with a WebID and a Pod.

Custom Start Application#

You can replace the default start application with a custom start application. Both the WebID Service and Pod Provisioning Service expose endpoints that can be used by your application to create a WebID and a Pod for a user. For details, see:


If using a custom start application, update:


As part of the installation process, Inrupt provides base Kustomize overlays and associated files that require deployment-specific configuration inputs.

The following configuration options are available for the service and may be set as part of updating the inputs for your deployment. The Inrupt-provided base Kustomize overlays may be using updated configuration values that differ from the default values.


The base URL of the Pod Provisioning Service.


The value requires a trailing slash /; e.g., https://provision.{ESS_DOMAIN}/.


The base URL of the WebID Service.


The value requires a trailing slash /; e.g., https://id.{ESS DOMAIN}/.


Default: INFO

Logging level.


The URL of the OpenID Provider.


The Client Identifier (i.e., the URL that dereferences to a Client ID document) of the start app for signing in/up with the Identity Provider.

See also:


Please ensure that the INRUPT_WEBID_ALLOWED_CLIENT_IDS includes the value used for the Start service Client Identifier, defined in INRUPT_START_CLIENT_ID.

Kafka Configuration#


The strong cipher key to use when running auditing with encrypted messages.