Start Service#

New in version 2.0.

ESS provides a service that acts as the starting point for the ESS user interface.

Start Service Endpoint#

ESS Start Service hosts an application that runs at:

https://start.{ESS Domain}

ESS Start Application#

The ESS’ start application allows a user to sign up or login with the Identity Provider. You can replace the default start application with a custom start application.

Create a WebID#

Start applications can call ESS’ WebID service to create a WebID and manage the WebID profile document. The application can derive the WebID service’s endpoints by concatenating:

  • the WebID Service’s base URL and

  • the username portion of the webid claim (from the ID token).

Create a Pod for WebID#

Start applications can call ESS’ Pod provision service to provision the Pod for the user.

Once provisioned, start applications can call the ESS’ WebID service to update the WebID profile document with the Pod location.

Start Application Configuration#

To use with the various ESS services, the ESS start application’s Solid-OIDC Client ID (https://start.{ESS DOMAIN}/app/id) is set for the following configurations:

If using a custom start application, update:


As part of the installation process, Inrupt provides base Kustomize overlays and associated files that require deployment-specific configuration inputs.

The following configuration options are available for the service and may be set as part of updating the inputs for your deployment. The Inrupt-provided base Kustomize overlays may be using updated configuration values that differ from the default values.


The base URL of the Pod Provisioning Service.


The value requires a trailing slash /; e.g., https://provision.{ESS_DOMAIN}/.

The ESS’ Start application uses this value to determine the ESS’ Pod provisioning endpoint.


The base URL of the WebID Service.


The value requires a trailing slash /; e.g., https://id.{ESS DOMAIN}/.

The ESS’ Start application uses this value to determine the base URL of the ESS’ WebID service endpoints.


Default: INFO

Logging level.


The URL of the OpenID Provider.


Default: https://start.{ESS DOMAIN}/app/id

The Solid-OIDC Client ID (i.e., the URL that dereferences to a Client ID document) of the start app for signing in/up with the Identity Provider.

See also:


Please ensure that the INRUPT_WEBID_ALLOWED_CLIENT_IDS includes the value used for the Start service Client ID, defined in INRUPT_START_CLIENT_ID.

Kafka Configuration#


The strong cipher key to use when running auditing with encrypted messages.