Update Log Level#

ESS services support a subset of log levels supported by Quarkus:



  • WARN

  • INFO (Default level)


By default, ESS’ log level is configured to INFO level:

  • This outputs logs with severity level INFO and higher (i.e., outputs INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL levels).

  • This excludes logs with security level below INFO (i.e., excludes DEBUG).

As part of your infrastructure-as-code deployment, you may wish to control log levels of the deployments using a customization.

For example, when debugging an issue you may temporarily enable DEBUG level logs to get more granular information on system behavior.

To change a service’s log level, you can create an overlay to update the QUARKUS_LOG_LEVEL environment variable.


Starting in 2.2, ESS also supports changing the level of log messages using redaction. See Logging Redaction for details.

Example Debug Logging Customization File#

You can use the following procedure to enable DEBUG level logging for pod-provisioning:

  1. Go to your ESS installation directory:

    cd ${HOME}/ess
  2. Modify the kustomization.yaml (i.e., step 3 of the Applying Your Customizations procedure).

    Specifically, add the highlighted content to the kustomization.yaml file under the patches key:


    If patches list does not exist in kustomization.yaml, add the key patches as well.

    # kustomization.yaml in your ESS installation directory
    # ...  Preceding content omitted for brevity 
    # ...
      - target:
          kind: Deployment
          name: ess-pod-provision
        patch: |-
          apiVersion: apps/v1
          kind: Deployment
            name: ess-pod-provision
                  - env:
                    - name: QUARKUS_LOG_LEVEL
                      value: DEBUG
                    name: ess-pod-provision
  3. Continue with the rest of the Applying Your Customizations procedure.


Remember to reset the log level when you’re finished debugging.