Storage Metrics#

Starting in 2.1, ESS includes a Storage Metrics feature to gather the following metrics:

  • The total number of Pods.

  • The number of “created” Pods (i.e., Pods that have been created and confirmed).

  • The number of “deleted” Pods (i.e., Pods that have been soft-deleted, i.e., marked as deleted).

The Storage Metrics is run as a Kubernetes CronJobs . To modify its schedule, see Modify Storage Metrics Schedule.


As part of the ESS 2.2 Logging Enhancements, logging for Pruning jobs share the consistent pattern where the messageId has the prefix STORAGEMETRICS or STORAGE:

  "message": "<STORAGEMETRICS|STORAGE><number>: <description>",
  "messageId": "STORAGEMETRICS|STORAGE<number>"
  // additional relevant fields, if any

For the storage metrics features, the additional fields include:

  • an mdc (managed diagnostic context) field that can be used for correlation;

  • various storage metrics.

The following lists the various storage metrics that appear in the INFO level log messages (listed by the messageId):


The log messages that include the storage metrics detail use the STORAGE prefix in the messageIds.

  • STORAGE000128 (associated with the storage counts)


    Total number of Pods (both “created” and “deleted”)

  • STORAGE000130 (associated with the “created” storage counts)


    The number of Pods that have been created and confirmed.


    For the count of “deleted” Pods (i.e., soft-deleted or marked as deleted), you can subtract from the STORAGE000128 message resultCount the resultCount from the the STORAGE000130 message; alternatively, you can set the Log Level to DEBUG (and return the level to INFO afterwards).