Kubernetes Commands#

The following lists some useful commands for getting information and debugging the system.



kubectl cluster-info

Prints information about the running Kubernetes cluster.

kubectl -n <namespace> get all

Lists all the Kubernetes cluster components running in the specified namespace; e.g.,

  • kubectl -n ess get all

kubectl -n <namespace> describe <pod|service>

Describe the specified pod or service in the specified namespace; e.g.,

  • kubectl -n ess describe service/ess-webid

  • kubectl -n ess describe pod/ess-webid-589b779f47-4drwr

kubectl -n <namespace> exec --stdin --tty <pod> -- /bin/sh

Run an interactive shell inside one of the pods.

kubectl run curl image=radial/busyboxplus:curl –i --tty

Run a container in the cluster with curl installed to inspect the network

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