Release Notes#

ESS 1.1 Available

Released 2021.04.21



Starting in version 1.1, ESS provides a secure implementation of a WebSockets notification protocol. The ESS WebSocket service publishes notifications upon create/update/delete operations on a Resource, including a Container.

See WebSocket Notification Service for more information.

Client/Application Management#

Available as Beta

Starting in version 1.1, ESS supports authentication for client applications.

See Authenticate Client Applications for more information on using Inrupt’s JavaScript client libraries for authenticating client applications, including a sample application identifier document.

Session Management#

Inrupt’s JavaScript client libraries support session restores upon browser refresh. That is, if the user is logged in to the Solid Identity Provider, a page refresh triggers silent authentication whereby the user is logged back in without any user interaction.

See Session Restore for more information.

Podwide Query (QPF Endpoint)#

Starting in version 1.1, ESS provides a Quad Pattern Fragment (QPF) endpoint that can be used to perform a Podwide query (i.e., query within a Pod). The feature is available as an Alpha feature and is not for production use.

See QPF Endpoint /search for more information.

Access Control Query (GraphQL Endpoint)#

Starting in version 1.1, ESS provides a GraphQL endpoint to query a Pod’s access control information.

See GraphQL Endpoint /graphql for more information.