Inrupt PodBrowser#

The Inrupt PodBrowser is an application for managing individual Solid Pods.

PodBrowser Log In Screen


With Inrupt PodBrowser, you can

  • Manage your data.

  • Manage access control.

  • Manage contacts.

Browser Support#

PodBrowser supports the latest 2 stable releases of the following browsers:


Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari


Android/Samsung Internet

Issues & Help#

Bugs and Feature Requests (Product)

For non-public feedback or support inquiries, please use the Inrupt Service Desk.

Bugs and Feature Requests (Documentation)

To report a documentation bug or make a documentation request, please use the feedback widget to create a ticket.

Solid Community Forum

If you have questions about working with Solid or just want to share what you’re working on, visit the Solid forum. The Solid forum is a good place to meet the rest of the community.