To use Inrupt’s Java client library, add the inrupt-client-bom and specific library modules to your Maven or Gradle project.

1. Add inrupt-client-bom#

To your project’s pom.xml:

  1. Add the inrupt-client-bom dependency in the project’s <dependencyManagement> section.

  2. Replace SUBSTITUTE_VERSION with the version to use.


For the latest version of inrupt-client-bom,

  1. Go to Maven Central.

  2. Search for inrupt-client-bom. Get the version for the package with com.inrupt.client namespace.

2. Add Specific Module Dependencies#

To your project’s pom.xml file, you can either:

  • Add the inrupt-client-runtime to include all recommended Java Client Libraries runtime modules; or

  • Add specific Java Client Libraries modules.

To include all recommended runtime modules from the Java Client Libraries, add the following dependency to the <dependencies> section in your project’s pom.xml file.

The recommended modules include those modules used to:

  • Access your WebID,

  • Perform read and write operations (both RDF and non-RDF resources) on your Pod,

  • For the read of RDF resources, return the RDF resources in Turtle and JSON, and

  • Use access requests and access grants.


Inrupt’s Java Client Libraries are composed of different modules. See Library Modules for the list of available modules and their description.