The Java client libraries requires JDK 11+. This tutorial uses JDK 17.


Use an IDE of your choice.

WebID and Solid Pod#


  • This tutorial uses Inrupt’s PodSpaces (Developer Preview) and provides instructions on creating an account, WebID and a Pod through PodSpaces.

  • PodSpaces is currently available as Developer Preview. Do not use for production or storing sensitive/personal data.

To get a WebID and a Pod on PodSpaces:

  1. Go to PodSpaces.

  2. To create an account, you must agree to the Inrupt’s Terms of Service. To agree, select the checkbox.

  3. If you agree to Inrupt’s Terms of Service, click on Create an Account.

  4. If you have not register an account with the Inrupt Identity Provider, click on Sign up link to create an account:

    1. Fill in your username, email, and password.

    2. Click Sign up. You are sent a verification email.

    3. Check your email for the verification email. Follow the instructions in the email to verify.


      Check your spam if you do not see the email in your inbox.

    4. Once verified, return to click Continue to go to the Sign in page:

      1. Enter your username and password.

      2. Click Sign in to your account.

        The screen displays the access required to continue.

    5. To allow and continue, click Continue.

      The application displays:

      • Your WebID:{username}.

      • Your Solid Pod:{Pod Identifier}

Client Credentials#

Inrupt’s PodSpaces provides an Application Registration page where you can statically register your applications to generate credentials for them.

  1. Go to PodSpaces Application Registration page.

  2. If not already logged in, you will redirect to the login page. Log in with your username and password.

  3. In the Register an app textbox, enter your application’s name and click Register.

  4. The Client ID and Client Secret for your application appears under Apps You’ve Registered list.


Safeguard your Client ID and Client Secret values. Do not share these with any third parties as anyone with your Client ID and Client Secret values can impersonate you and act fully on your behalf.

Initialized Spring Boot Web Project#


This tutorial assumes an initialized Spring Boot Web Maven Java Project or Spring Boot Web Gradle Kotlin Project.

For Java, this tutorial uses Spring Boot Web Maven project. Initialize a Spring Boot Web Maven/Java project.

If you are initializing a new project at, specify the following:


Select Maven.


Select Java.

Spring Boot

Select a version.

Project Metadata








Demo Getting Started project for Solid

Package name







Spring Web

Click Generate.

Once you have generated and downloaded the resulting zip file, unzip the file to your destination directory and open the project in your IDE.