Pod Resources#

Solid Pods are data storage locations. Pods can store resources of various types.

Resource Types#

Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource#

RDF resource is a document/file whose contents consists of statements that have the following form (also known as a triple):

<subject> <predicate> <object>


  • subject is the thing being described and is a URL.

  • predicate is the descriptive property (e.g., name, height, size, etc.) of the thing and is a URL.

  • object is the property value and is either a URL or a literal.

The predicate describes the relationship between the subject and the object.


A Container is an RDF resource that can contain other Containers as well as RDF and non-RDF resources. It is analogous to a folder in a file system.


Container URLs always end with a slash /.

Non-RDF Resource#

A non-RDF Resource is any non-RDF binary or text file, such as .pdf, .jpeg, etc.