PodSpaces and PodSpaces AP are currently released as Developer Preview.


Inrupt provides the following hosted versions of its Enterprise Solid Server (ESS):

In the Solid ecosystem, Solid Servers host Pods, which are data stores (i.e., where you store your data).

Developer Preview

PodSpaces and PodSpaces AP are currently available as Developer Preview. Do not use for production or for storing sensitive/personal data.



WebIDs created through PodSpaces:

  • Have the form https://id.inrupt.com/{username}.

  • Uses Inrupt’s OpenID Provider https://login.inrupt.com.

Pod Storage#

Pods on PodSpaces have the URL https://storage.inrupt.com/{Pod Identifier} where {Pod Identifier} is autogenerated.

Access Control#

To manage access to resources stored in its Pods, PodSpaces uses:


There is a 100MB limit on each Resource stored in the Pod.

Getting Started#

To get started, see Getting Started (PodSpaces).

Issues & Help#

Bugs and Feature Requests (Product)

For non-public feedback or support inquiries, please use the Inrupt Service Desk.

Bugs and Feature Requests (Documentation)

To report a documentation bug or make a documentation request, please use the Provide feedback widget (in the lower-right corner) to create a DOCS ticket.

Solid Community Forum

If you have questions about working with Solid or just want to share what you’re working on, visit the Solid forum. The Solid forum is a good place to meet the rest of the community.