Getting Started (PodSpaces)#

Inrupt’s PodSpaces is a hosted version of the Enterprise Solid Server (ESS). To manage access to resources stored in its Pods, Inrupt’s PodSpaces can use:

Sign Up/Create an Account#

Developer Preview

PodSpaces is currently available as Developer Preview. Do not use for production or storing sensitive/personal data.

  1. Go to PodSpaces.

  2. To create an account, you must agree to the Inrupt’s Terms of Service. To agree, select the checkbox.

  3. If you agree to Inrupt’s Terms of Service, click on Create an Account.

  4. Click on Sign up link to create an account with Inrupt’s Identity Provider:

    1. Fill in your username, email, and password.


      Your email address must be unique across both PodSpaces and PodSpaces AP. For example:

      • You cannot use the same email to create multiple accounts on PodSpaces.

      • You cannot use the same email to create multiple accounts on PodSpaces AP.

      • You cannot use the same email to create an account on PodSpaces and an account on PodSpaces AP.

    2. Click Sign up. You are sent a verification email.


      If you entered an email address that has been used to create another account (i.e., not unique across both PodSpaces and PodSpaces AP), the verification email will not be sent and you will not be able to use the account.

    3. Check your email for the verification email. Follow the instructions in the email to verify.


      Check your spam if you do not see the email in your inbox.

    4. Once verified, return to click Continue to go to the Sign in page.

    5. Enter your username and password, and click Sign in to your account.

      The screen displays the access required to continue.

    6. To allow and continue, click Allow.

      The application displays:

      • Your WebID:{username}.

      • Your Solid Pod:{Pod Identifier}

View Pod with Pod Browser#

To view and manage data in your Pod with PodBrowser, click View my Pod with PodBrowser.

To access your Pod using PodBrowser:

  1. Click Sign In.

    If you are already logged into your Identity Provider, the screen displays the access required to continue to the PodBrowser.

  2. To allow and continue, click Allow.

  3. PodBrowser displays the contents of your Pod.

Within PodBrowser, you can:

  • Manage your data; for example, upload files, create new folders, etc.

  • Manage access control.

  • Manage your contacts.

  • Manage your consent grants and requests.

For more information on PodBrowser, see PodBrowser documentation.

Additional Information#

To get started writing applications for your Pod, see:

Issues & Help#

Bugs and Feature Requests (Product)

For non-public feedback or support inquiries, please use the Inrupt Service Desk.

Bugs and Feature Requests (Documentation)

To report a documentation bug or make a documentation request, please use the Provide feedback widget (in the lower-right corner) to create a DOCS ticket.

Solid Community Forum

If you have questions about working with Solid or just want to share what you’re working on, visit the Solid forum. The Solid forum is a good place to meet the rest of the community.