@inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser / IHandleIncomingRedirectOptions

Interface: IHandleIncomingRedirectOptions#



Optional restorePreviousSession: boolean

If the user has signed in before, setting this to true will automatically redirect them to their Solid Identity Provider, which will then attempt to re-activate the session and send the user back to your app without requiring user interaction. If your app’s access has not expired yet and re-activation completed successfully, a sessionRestore event will be fired with the URL the user was at before they were redirected to their Solid Identity Provider. See ISessionEventListener: a callback can be registered to session.events.on(EVENTS.SESSION_RESTORED, callback).

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Optional url: string

The URL of the page handling the redirect, including the query parameters — these contain the information to process the login. Note: as a convenience, if no URL value is specified here, we default to using the browser’s current location.

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