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Type Aliases#


Ƭ IssueAccessRequestParameters: InputAccessRequestParameters

Required parameters to request access to one or more Resources.

  • requestor: WebID of the Agent requesting access to the given Resources.

  • requestorInboxUrl: (Optional.) URL that an access grant receipt may be posted to.

  • resourceOwner: WebID of an Agent controlling access to the given Resources.

  • access: Level access to request on the given Resource. See https://docs.inrupt.com/developer-tools/api/javascript/solid-client/interfaces/access_universal.access.html.

  • resources: Array of URLs of the Resources to which access is requested.

  • purpose: (Optional.) URL representing what the requested access will be used for.

  • issuanceDate: (Optional, set to the current time if left out.) Point in time from which the access should be granted.

  • expirationDate: (Optional.) Point in time until when the access is needed.

  • inherit: (Optional.) If Access is targeted at a container, it will not apply recursively to contained resources if this is set to false. Defaults to true.



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