Class SolidClientException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
BadRequestException, ConflictException, ForbiddenException, GoneException, InternalServerErrorException, MethodNotAllowedException, NotAcceptableException, NotFoundException, PreconditionFailedException, TooManyRequestsException, UnauthorizedException, UnsupportedMediaTypeException

public class SolidClientException extends InruptClientException
A runtime exception for use with SolidClient HTTP operations.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SolidClientException

      public SolidClientException(String message, URI uri, int statusCode, Headers headers, String body)
      Create a SolidClient exception.
      message - the message
      uri - the uri
      statusCode - the HTTP status code
      headers - the response headers
      body - the body
  • Method Details

    • getUri

      public URI getUri()
      Retrieve the URI associated with this exception.
      the uri
    • getStatusCode

      public int getStatusCode()
      Retrieve the status code associated with this exception.
      the status code
    • getHeaders

      public Headers getHeaders()
      Retrieve the headers associated with this exception.
      the headers
    • getBody

      public String getBody()
      Retrieve the body associated with this exception.
      the body
    • handle

      public static SolidClientException handle(String message, URI uri, int statusCode, Headers headers, String body)