Archived docs. ESS 2.0 has reached end of life.

Notification Gateway Service#

New in version 1.1.

ESS provides a Notification Gateway service for discovering the protocol-specific endpoints.

Notification Gateway Service Endpoint#

ESS Notification Gateway Service has the following endpoint:

https://notification.<ESS Domain>/

Clients can POST the following JSON document to the ESS Notification Gateway to determine the WebSocket Notification Service endpoint; no authentication is required:

{ "protocols": ["ws"] }

The response JSON contains the WebSocket endpoint that clients can access for login; for example:

{ "endpoint": "https://websocket.<ESS Domain>/", "features": [], "protocol": "ws" }

Notification Gateway Service is based on the Solid Notifications Protocol [1].


As part of the installation process, Inrupt provides base Kustomize overlays and associated files that require deployment-specific configuration inputs.

The following configuration options are available for the service and may be set as part of updating the inputs for your deployment. The Inrupt-provided base Kustomize overlays may be using updated configuration values that differ from the default values.



The URL of the WebSocket service; e.g., https://websocket.{ESS Domain}/.



A comma-separated list of trusted Solid-OIDC issuers (i.e., identity providers).



A comma-separated list of disallowed Solid-OIDC issuers.


Default: ES256, RS256

A comma-separated list that specifies the allowed encryption algorithms used to sign ID tokens.

Additional Information#

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