Class ACL


public final class ACL extends Object
URI constants from the ACL vocabulary.
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  • Field Details

    • Access

      public static final URI Access
      The acl:Access URI.
    • Append

      public static final URI Append
      The acl:Append URI.
    • AuthenticatedAgent

      public static final URI AuthenticatedAgent
      The acl:AuthenticatedAgent URI.
    • Authorization

      public static final URI Authorization
      The acl:Authorization URI.
    • Control

      public static final URI Control
      The acl:Control URI.
    • Origin

      public static final URI Origin
      The acl:Origin URI.
    • Read

      public static final URI Read
      The acl:Read URI.
    • Write

      public static final URI Write
      The acl:Write URI.
  • Method Details

    • getNamespace

      public static URI getNamespace()
      Get the ACL namespace URI.
      the ACL namespace