View Saved Bookmarks: Bookmarks View#

To manage contacts in PodBrowser, switch to the Bookmarks view; i.e., click on Bookmarks on the top menu bar.

PodBrowser Bookmarks View

The Bookmarks view displays your saved bookmarks.

Save a Bookmark#

To bookmark a file or a folder or a Pod, switch to the Files view.

To bookmark a folder or a file:

  1. Select the star icon next to the folder or file.

To bookmark a Pod:

  1. Click on the Your Pod dropdown on the top right-hand side.

  2. Select Bookmark Pod.

You cannot add a bookmark in Bookmarks view.

Remove a Bookmark#

You can remove a bookmark by deselecting the star next to the bookmark.

Search a Bookmark#

The Bookmarks view has a Search box to search among your saved bookmarks. Enter a bookmark to search.