View Saved Bookmarks: Bookmarks View

To manage contacts in PodBrowser, switch to the Bookmarks view. To switch to the Bookmarks view, click on the Bookmarks icon on the top menu bar.

PodBrowser Bookmarks View

The Bookmarks view displays your saved bookmarks.

Save a Bookmark

To bookmark a file or a folder or a Pod, switch to the Files view.

To bookmark a folder or a file:

  1. Select the star icon next to the folder or file.

To bookmark a Pod:

  1. Click on the Pod indicator dropdown on the top left-hand side.

  2. Select Bookmark Pod.

You cannot add a bookmark in Bookmarks view.

Remove a Bookmark

You can remove a bookmark by deselecting the star next to the bookmark.

Search a Bookmark

The Bookmarks view has a Search box to search among your saved bookmarks. Enter a bookmark to search.