Manage Access Requests and Grants#

In addition to managing policy-based access control (see Modify Permissions for Folders and Files), PodBrowser can manage access requests and grants.

With access requests, you receive access requests (in the form of a Verifiable Credential) to your Folders and Files. PodBrowser supports both approving and denying the access request. If you approve the access request, PodBrowser also supports later revoking access grants.

PodBrowser Allow Access Dialog

Deny or Allow Access Request#

You can deny the request or allow the request as is or allow the request with modifications:

  • To deny the request, click Deny all access.

  • To allow the requested access as is:

    1. Click Select All (to select the resources)

    2. Click Confirm access

  • To allow the requested access with modification:

    1. You can update the access end date.

    2. You can select which of the requested files and folders you want to allow the requested access.

    3. Click Confirm access.

View Access Request Details#

PodBrowser View Access Grants for Resource

PodBrowser’s displays the access grants for a file or folder in the Sharing panel of the Details view.

  1. Click on the vertical dots.

  2. Click on View Details.

Revoke Granted Access#

PodBrowser View Access Grants for Resource

To revoke the granted access to a file or folder, in the access details view, click Revoke access to <file/folder>.