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Why don’t I have access to browse my Pod?

To manage your Pod, PodBrowser must be added as a trusted application with Read, Write, Append, and Control access.

To adjust PodBrowser’s access:

  1. In a web browser, enter the root URL to you Pod (e.g.,

  2. The Solid Data Browser should be opened.

  3. Click the Log In button to log into your Pod.

  4. Go to the Preferences tab.

  5. In the Manage your trusted applications section:

    • If PodBrowser is not listed as a trusted application:

      1. At the bottom of the table enter:

        Application URL

        Access modes

        Read, Write, Append, and Control

      2. Click Add.

    • If PodBrowser is listed as a trusted application but with the wrong access, select all of the access modes and click Update.

How do I navigate to another Pod?

To browse another Pod (or even a different Container in your own Pod), you can navigate there directly by entering the Pod (or Container) URI.

  1. In PodBrowser, click the current Pod identifier link (just below the application logo).

  2. In the displayed Go to Pod panel, enter the URI for the Pod (or Container).

  3. Click Enter.

  4. The navigation panel is refreshed and shows the Resources in the Pod (or Container).