Audit Enricher#

New in version 2.2.0.

Starting in version 2.2, ESS’ Audit Enricher populates various Pod related audit messages with the associated Pod information.

"instrument" : [
   // ...

      "hasDataSubject" : {
         "id" : "<Pod data subject's WebID>",
         "type" : [
      "hasStorage" : "<PodURL>",
      "type" : [
   // ...


The Pod data subject refers to the agent who created the Pod.

Use of Cache#

After the Audit Enricher fetches the Pod information for a message, the Pod information is cached. For subsequent messages affecting the Pod, the Enricher uses the cache.

Migration Service#

As part of the rollout of ESS 2.2, a new Migration service is used to to migrate existing Pods over to a new structure.

The Migration service runs as a Kubernetes Cron Job. It runs in the background and will not take ESS offline to complete the migration.

While the migration is running, an Operator can observe using logs and metrics and will be able to see when it has been completed.

Once the migration is complete, the Migration Cron Job will idle, and the operator can safely stop the job from running.

To stop the Migration Cron Job from running once the migration is complete:

  1. Add the following patch to your kustomization.yaml file:

    # kustomization.yaml in your ESS installation directory
    # ...  Preceding content omitted for brevity
    # ...
      - target:
          kind: CronJob
          name: ess-storage-migrate-system-resource
        patch: |-
          apiVersion: batch/v1
          kind: CronJob
            name: ess-storage-migrate-system-resource
            suspend: true
  2. Continue with the rest of the Applying Your Customizations procedure.