To monitor the health and performance characteristics, ESS comes with an optional reference monitoring module. The monitoring feature is optional and does not have to be deployed for ESS to work.


Although the reference monitoring module uses Grafana and Prometheus, ESS can integrate with other enterprise monitoring tools.

ESS Reference Deployment#

  1. To connect to Grafana in the Kubernetes cluster in the reference deployment, use port forwarding:

    kubectl -n ess port-forward service/grafana 3000:3000

    The operation returns the following information:

    Forwarding from -> 3000
    Forwarding from [::1]:3000 -> 3000
  2. Open https://localhost:3000/ in a web browser.


    The first time you connect to Grafana, you will have to accept the self-signed certificates.

For information on Grafana and Prometheus, see: