pod_datastore is a utility for performing the following Pod management actions: backup, restore, list, lookup.

pod_datastore [options] <backup|restore|list>


To connect to the PostgreSQL DB, you must specify the following connection settings:

  1. Set the following PostgreSQL environment variables:

    • PGHOST for the database server hostname.

    • PGPORT for the database server port (default 5432).

    • PGDATABASE for the database name (default ess).

    • PGUSER for the username.

  2. Set the user password in a password file.

Refer to the your configuration settings to determine the values used for your deployment.


pod_datastore --pod <pod_name> [--data-location <directory> ] backup

Creates a backup of the specified Pod.

  • You must include the --pod option. If no Pod matches the specified name, the operation errors.

  • You can include the --data-location option, specifying the back up directory path. If unspecified, the default directory backup_<pod_name> is used.


--help, -h#

Returns the options for pod_datastore and exits.

--data-location <directory_path>#

Default: backup_<pod_name>

Specifies the backup directory for the backup or restore operation.

When performing a backup,

  • If the backup directory does not exist, the operation creates the directory.

  • If the backup directory exists, the directory must be empty. Otherwise, the operation errors.

--loglevel <level>#

Default: INFO

Specifies the logging level for the operation:



  • INFO




--owner <WebID>#

Specifies the owner when performing a list by specified Pod owner.

--pod <pod_name>#

Specifies the name (not the URL) of an existing Pod:

  • When performing a backup, the option specifies the name of the Pod to back up.

  • When performing a restore, the option specifies the name of the Pod to restore.

If the Pod does not exist, both operations error.


Specify the name, and not the URL, of your Pod. For example, if your Pod URL is https://pods.inrupt.com/mypod, the Pod’s name is mypod.

See also: Backup and Restore