Class Credential

  • public class Credential
    extends Object
    A credential that can be used with Solid resource servers.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Credential

        public Credential​(String scheme,
                          URI issuer,
                          String token,
                          Instant expiration,
                          URI principal,
                          String jkt)
        Create a credential.
        scheme - the scheme
        issuer - the issuer
        token - the token
        expiration - the time after which the credential is no longer valid
        principal - the identifier for the principal, may be null
        jkt - the json key thumbprint, may be null
    • Method Detail

      • getScheme

        public String getScheme()
        Get the scheme for this credential.
        the scheme
      • getPrincipal

        public Optional<URI> getPrincipal()
        Get the principal, if available.
        the principal
      • getIssuer

        public URI getIssuer()
        Get the issuer for this credential.
        the issuer
      • getToken

        public String getToken()
        Get the token for this credential.
        the raw token
      • getExpiration

        public Instant getExpiration()
        Get the expiration time for this credential.
        the expiration time
      • getProofThumbprint

        public Optional<String> getProofThumbprint()
        Get the thumbprint for an associated proof, if present.
        the proof thumbprint